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Rhode Island Freelance Photographer Joanne Vecchio

Presenting photography that creates a visual thought that will enhance and enlighten areas at home, professional settings, artistic installations, and any space calling for an artistic statement.

  • 2022 Continuing Projects: NYC & The Secrets of Trees
Late Afternoon in the Woods.jpg
Adams Farm 91820.jpg
Dining room-signed.jpg
Perceptions:  Add a visual thought of artfulness to your space
The Sea: Add a visual thought of artfulness to your space
Trees: Add a poetic visual thought for your artistic space
original (16).jpg
Beach front 3.jpg
Allison NYC.jpg
Impressionistic Home 1.jpg
Leaves on the Grass for wix.jpg
Nikka Costa II.jpg
nyc st particks 3.jpg
Maisel, Deep in Thought.jpg
Maisel, Alert!.jpg
Wine Room.jpg
1023 LYNCH TRAIL -golden triangle.jpg
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