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Finally Fitting In...

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

On January 24,2020, we adopted "The Marvelous Miss Maisel" form Ten Lives Cat Rescue". Miss Maisel was abandoned along with her sister, Stella when their owner, an elderly woman, became extremely ill in August of 2019 and had to be removed to a nursing home. She left food and water for them and asked her neighbors to feed them and gave them fresh water. That must have happened for a while but in November, Ten Lives Cat Rescue was called and the cats were found starving. Unfortunately, Stella eventually lost her life, but Mable survived, and, thanks to her foster parents, she got better, and, eventually, was put up for adoption. When I saw her picture, I knew she was meant to be mine, so I visited her, met her lovely foster parents, and, eventually took her home. Two months have passed, and, in her own time, Mable, now, The Marvelous Miss Maisel, has chosen to adopt us. These photos mark her final acceptance of her new home. I Call It: "Finely Fitting In". Today Maisel allowed photos and even posed for them. The last photo symbolically combines her with her surroundings...I call it "Finally Fitting In.

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