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The Art of Creativity Lives In All Of Us...

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Creating a Visual Thought:

Photography: For me a photograph carries with it the spiritual essence of the photographer. The angle, the placement, the lens, the camera, the settings and post processing indicate much more than a point and a click. To me a photograph is a creative art form based upon how I am feeling about what I am looking at in a moment in time. As I process the raw photo, I also process my thoughts and emotions regarding the image. The image then becomes a canvas where upon I can create a visual thought… I Love Creativity!

A teacher at heart, I have developed and taught many children's programs: Elementary School Programs such as: The Music of Fairy Tales, The Music of Poetry, and Awakening the Creative Spirit. I am a certified Instructor of a unique program titled Angel Bear Yoga. The program strengthens children’s bodies and builds character through yoga, nature, and creative imagery. I also added music, and creative performance to further enhance and inspire children ages 4-7. As a Director and Playwright, I developed Second Stage Repertory Company and Creative Drama programs for ages 12-18 and ages 8-11 respectively I have written, directed and produced three original plays, and I am in the process of writing my forth. As a School Administrator and Grant Accountant my participation in the Arts Literacy Project, a partnership between Brown University and the Central Falls School District, gave my life goals focus. The Performance Cycle Technique from the Project pairs literature with artistic expression, helping students find the means of telling their own stories. It has been my goal to apply the Performance Cycle Technique to all programs at Second Stage Studio. This technique provides teachers, artists, and youth leaders with the tools to engage students in a process of deep understanding by building a classroom community of learners that centers on a text. Students respond to the text and demonstrate this knowledge through high quality performances and artistic presentations. I believe that the creative arts are the missing links in education and that we are all born to be artists because there is at in everything...

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